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Website Design


Website Design

Front-end web design focuses on the user experience, sometimes referred to as the ‘client side’. This mainly involves the framework of the website, layout, visuals, navigation, and various other aspects that customers, clients, and subscribers will see. Some consider front-end design to only be the visual but we believe that front end design should be used to improve SEO, organic traffic, and conversion rates as well!

Website Design

On the other hand, back-end web design is everything that users do not see. This is where a lot of the magic happens in terms of website functionality. Many websites you see have malfunctioning contact forms and dead links, both of which negatively impact authority, credibility, and conversion. Back-end development is also where SEO can be dramatically improved leading to improved site traffic and ultimately higher conversions!


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of making your website easier to pick out by search engines like google and yahoo. By having content relevant to your industry and creating a website that is rich in value you will be able to get organic traffic through search engines and eventually become a ranked website (this takes time). SEO is one of the best ways to get organic traffic, but it takes some work!



Website maintenance is very important. Over time plugins and media have to be updated to ensure a smooth and dynamic website, one that showcases your most recent work and products in the best way possible. Maintenance can be very time consuming and if done improperly, it can be costly as it can lead to a dysfunctional site. Allow us to remove this stress so you can focus on your business!



Your domain is the URL users look up to get to your website. More importantly, it is how your business is represented, a proper domain is short, catchy, easy to remember,  and gives insight on the nature of  the business that you are operating. If you have no acquired your domain yet do not worry as we can walk you through this process and you can even purchase one through us!



Nowadays most web hosting companies are very comparable to each other, many offering very similar quality at similar price-points. You probably won’t notice the difference between us and companies like bluehost or hostgator. This is mostly a service we offer to keep everything in house so our customers can consolidate all of their services to one point of contact!


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Customer Service

Customer service and communication are the highest priority at The Apex Domain. Although our business is centered on web development and hosting we aim to ensure that all of our clients feel heard, seen, and like a priority.

Less Plugins

We aim to keep the websites we build simple and to the point, we do this in part by minimizing the amount of plugins we use and the amount of random clutter that can occur if you do it yourself, this helps with load times, responsiveness, and the user experience your customers will have.

Easy to use interface

Have you ever seen a website that looks lopsided on a phone but good on a computer? we ensure you never have to go through those problems by testing them across multiple devices and ensuring proper and appropriate content and buttons.

Amazingly Responsive

Our hosting services are top notch boasting nothing below a 99% uptime, this means that your customers or visitors will have ample access to your content.